Testimonials From Our Happy Customers

I'm active in weight training, spinning and boxing with injuries every so often. I use Cool Soles for for foot injuries while I sleep by placing them inside a house slipper.”

– GR

Dr. Rosenberg's Cool Soles have been a real friend to me and my family in the past couple of months. They say, "ice is your friend" after sustaining an injury, well, I have found that having Dr. Rosenberg's Cool Soles handy in the freezer has been very convenient and forms nicely around the neck or ankle or can be placed flat on the back or thigh, on top of the head, anywhere, including the feet! Thank you Dr. Rosenberg for creating such a versatile product.

Dr. Jean John, Ph.D.

I use CoolSoles at night to heat my feet. (I have Raynauds). I heat each CoolSole in the microwave and put two CoolSoles in each sleeping shoe, one on the bottom and one on the top of each foot. Sometimes I need to do it twice, but never more than that. I watch a little TV with the CoolSoles in my shoes (because I can't walk on them without damaging them), then I take the bottom CoolSole out and go to sleep with one CoolSole left in the top of my shoe. Under blanket my feet stay warm all night.

Best thing I have discovered to do for my problem. I'm very pleased with the device. I also use CoolSoles this way when I come home after going out in the cold.

Lois S.

Cool Soles are the perfect treat for tired feet! I am fortunate to have healthy feet without any specific issues; however, we all have tired feet at the end of long days that need to be soothed. I simply put the Cool Soles in the microwave and then insert into my slippers at the end of the day for a relaxing treat. I can then read, watch tv, simply unwind from the day for 15-20 min and I always feel more relaxed and comfortable for a good night's sleep after this spa like treatment.

Megan from Boston