Foot Surgery or Instant Arch® Supports?

Dr. Steven Rosenberg - Friday, October 28, 2016

That is the question! Whether it is better to have foot surgery on these common foot problem such as bunions, neuromas, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis or try an arch support is always a dilemma for the consumer. Most people are not running to the operating room anyway. In my opinion the only reason why you should ever consider foot surgery is when all other conservative treatments have failed. Mostly all foot problems can be helped with an arch support.

Instant arches® is a unique arch product that will help solve many foot complaints that both men and women have. They allow the foot to function biomechanically more efficiently. The key to the success of instant arches® is where it is placed in women’s and men’s shoes. By placing the arch product in the arch area of the shoe it will support the important joints of the foot and therefore aide in slowing down bunion formation and the development of heel spurs / plantar fasciitis and neuromas. It will help eliminate joint pain in the great toe joint by increasing the space in that joint between the 1st metatarsal bone and the base of the proximal phalanx. It will also prevent the arch of the foot from collapsing and stop the jamming forces in the great toe joint.

Using Instant Arches® arch supports when you have a heel spur or plantar fasciitis will support the arch of the foot and the joints in the mid-foot. This will ultimately prevent the pulling of the plantar fascia away from its attachment to the heel bone and reduce the chance of developing a heel spur. By wearing arch supports and preventing the plantar fascia from stretching in the heel area, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis pain can be controlled. They also lift the metatarsal bones in the foot and create space between the bones to reduce neuroma symptoms.

When your feet are more supported and your foot pain begins to disappear the likelihood of wanting foot surgery will diminish.

Always try conservative treatment first because once you have foot surgery you cannot change it back to its original state. Make smart choices and your feet will thank you.


Dr. Steven Rosenberg - Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Instant Arches® arch supports are the CPR for shoes and sandals in your closet that are uncomfortable and cast aside not to be ever worn again. These are the shoes that looked great on the shelf or in the display window and even felt pretty good when trying them on at the store. The problem is once they come home with you they magically do not seem to be comfortable any more. Maybe it’s the magical carpet in the shoe department that makes you think the shoes are a perfect fit. But somehow when they come home the arch is mysteriously in the wrong place in the shoe, the arch of your foot begins to hurt, the heel counter is to wide, the toe box is to narrow and your toes are cramped. By the end of the evening you have become a cripple. Ouch!

Not all shoes can accommodate the bunions and hammer toes that exist on our feet. Therefore, often times it is a challenge to find a pair of comfortable shoes to wear for a date, business meeting or an evening out for dinner and dancing is a daunting task.

Instant arches® arch supports brings life back to your shoes. Your old shoes become young again and your new shoes become more comfortable. It creates a supportive comfortable arch support in all footwear and sandals. It also prevents the arch of your foot from fatiguing and going into spam. With its perfectly designed unique shape, one size fits all shoe sizes and thickness, this arch product always supports your arch in the correct place.

For those of you who buy shoes a little too small because they do not have your correct shoe size and it’s a must have, instant arches cannot help. If the must have or to die for shoes is a little too big Instant Arches® can be your savior. They can also stop your foot from slipping forward therefore preventing your toes from jamming into the toe box as well as keeping your heel back. They will prevent joint pain in the great toe joint from jamming by creating space in the joint. By adding a soft insole such as a pair of sports insoles to your shoes you will experience instant cushion and comfort along with great support.

Bringing your old favorite shoes back to life and walking in comfort are two things that are important for women who love to wear shoes. So let your shoes make the fashion statement and Instant Arches® be the CPR that makes the comfort statement and breathes new life into your shoes.

Instant Arches® solving every women's
foot problems one step at a time!