Instant Arches® Arch Supports Dance Shoes

Instant Arches for Dance

Dance is a wonderful art form and men and women of all ages from preteens to adults take class to perfect their craft. Some go on to become professional dancers and others continue because it is a great way to stay in shape. Dancers wear special types of shoes such as ballet slippers, point shoes, jazz shoes, tap shoes, dance sneakers and shoes for ballroom dancing in order to take class because each discipline is different and requires you too. However, regardless of the type of shoe you wear your feet need to be supported to improve your balance and alignment to make you a more efficient dancer.

Instant arches arch supports fit in all types of dance shoes and provide the muscles and joints of your feet with the proper support by improving balance, body alignment and leg strength. The arches cradle the arch of the foot and support the midfoot and rear foot joints to stabilize you when performing different choreographed dance movements. One of the many features the arches provide are, they will help prevent muscle spam’s in the arch , take pressure off the ball of the foot, support flat feet and allow your foot to glide through movements with more confidence. Because of its unique shape, one size fits in all the different types of dance shoes that you wear.

Instant Arches® solving every women's
foot problems one step at a time!