Instant Arches® Arch Supports Running

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Instant Arches® arch supports running is the best insole solution for the weekend warrior or the serious runner who has foot, leg or knee problems when running. The main contributing factor to running injuries is abnormal pronation. Running injuries are usually due to repetitive overuse, to many miles, increasing distance to soon and not giving your feet time to rest. Your feet will eventually brake down causing muscle fatigue due to abnormal pronation . Abnormal pronation is when the joints in the mid foot and rear foot unlock and allow the medial longitudinal arch of your foot to flatten out.

Runners are susceptible to common injuries such as tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, muscle spam’s, arch cramps, shin splints, heel pain, knee pain and low back pain. When your foot hits the ground everything changes during a run, your body has to absorb a tremendous amount of stress from the impact of the ground reactive force from whatever the running surface is. The feet are first in line to start absorbing the shock from running. Because of the way your foot is designed it is a mobile adaptor on the different running surfaces you train on and a ridged lever to propel you forward during your run.

Arch Supports Running

The best running shoes at running stores alone will not solve a runner's problem if they are beginning to experience injuries in there feet and legs because they are not designed with the proper arch support to prevent the abnormal pronation or arch collapse. The running shoes will develop an uneven wear pattern and the outer sole and heel counter of the shoe will eventually brake down due to wear and tear.

Instant Arches®arch supports will support the joints in your foot and prevent arch collapse therefore eliminating abnormal pronation and the stressful forces through the foot. It will help reduce the uneven wear pattern in running shoes. Using an arch support is the best way to help prevent running injuries and minimizes the impact load on your feet, legs, knees and low back.

They will fit in all styles and brands of the best running shoes for men and women comfortably such as Nike, New Balance, Brooks and Asics. Placing the arches in the proper place in the arch of the shoes is very important to get maximum results during your running workouts.

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