Instant Arches® Arch Support Sandals, Wedges, and Flip Flops

Instant Arches® the CPR for Footwear...It Bring's them Back To Life

"I like your instant arches. I have a near flat foot and most dress shoes give me problems and pain. I have been able to wear one pair of dress shoes with your instant arches instead of giving them away, brand new. Also, I have put them on a pair of sandals, and the instant arches make these sandals so much more comfortable."


"I had tried the Dr. Scholl's stick-on arches from a local drugstore but they didn't stick well, and I LOVE sandals but HATE how they make my flat feet feel. So I googled, saw that yours came in a variety of helpful colors for a reasonable price, and figured I'd try them :) This was last year (to the day in fact!) and yours are still stuck on my flip flops.

Thank you for creating such a great product! My feet second my gratitude!"

And She Walked Happily Ever After®

Make every step you take a wonderful walking experience!


Pre-Teens to Adults!

Instant Arches For Sandals

Fashion and casual sandals, backless footwear and flip flops all require better arch support. Many foot problems can start because of the lack of proper arch support and lack of insole cushioning in your shoes. Women’s shoes are not designed with adequate arch support and can lead to chronic foot pain.

Men also need arch support in their sandals and flip flops and Instant Arches Sandals is the perfect solution to create more arch support for them too. Men’s sandals or flip flops also do not provide enough arch support.

Dr. Rosenberg's Instant Arches® Arch Support for Sandals make every step instantly more comfortable. Designed strictly for sandals and flip flops they convert every pair of dress, casual and flip flops into new and wonderful walking experience and turn your flip flops into flip flops with arch support.

These spongy and durable foam arches with its unique patented design, provide instant arch support, relief and comfort in all sandals and flip flops in your shoe wardrobe. Take pressure off the balls of your feet and prevent soreness from fatigue when walking or standing. They massage, cradle and support your feet all day long. Instant Arches allows you to turn any sandal into a sandal with arch support.

From one of my valued customers

I had the most exhilarating experience yesterday at Dr. Steven Rosenberg's office! I have not been able to wear pretty and fashionable sandals/heels for over two years because of foot problems. I have had to wear orthotics that are unsightly with those types of stylish shoes. I got referred to Dr. Rosenberg's office and he inserted the most amazing stick on arch supports in six pairs my former favorite shoes and I am so excited to be able to wear them again. They give GREAT arch support and you can't see them! GENIUS. I couldn't be more enthusiastic in sharing these little treasures he invented. I'm having him make my next pair of orthotics for my other shoes as well. He's a great doctor who genuinely cares and takes a lot of time with you... Thank you Dr. Rosenberg!
--Minda Burr


Instant Arches® solving every women's
foot problems one step at a time!