Arch Supports Soccer Cleats

Instant Arches for Soccer

"Better Balance equals maximum performace®"

Soccer is a sport that requires lots of running in all directions if your feet are not properly supported and balanced wearing arch supports in your soccer cleats it can lead to potential foot and leg problems. Arch fatigue, muscle spasms, plantar fasciitis, shin splits and chronic tendonitis are some of the things that can occur in your feet and legs if the joints in your feet are not supported. These problems occur because of abnormal pronation where the joints in the rear-foot and mid-foot are unstable and flatten the arch of the foot.

Arch supports placed in soccer cleats in the proper location will prevent the arch from collapsing and stabilize the joints in the rear-foot and mid-foot. Therefore controlling abnormal pronation and preventing potential injuries to the feet and legs. When your feet are stable and balanced wearing Instant Arches in your soccer cleats it will allow you to generate more power in your lower half. The more power in your legs creates longer and more accurate kicks.

Soccer is played by both males and females of all ages, kids, teenagers and adults. They will log hundreds of miles on their feet practicing year around, playing in AYSO tournaments, soccer leagues and games in high school and college. Placing a specially designed arch support product in soccer cleats will create better balance and allow for maximum performance.

Instant Arches® solving every women's
foot problems one step at a time!