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Instant Arches for Tennis

"Stable Feet equal more Power"

Instant Arches® arch supports tennis shoes is the perfect arch support product for men and women tennis players from preteens through adults. Tennis is a side to side sport that requires balance and weight transfer for maximum performance. When your feet are not properly supported or balanced, it can affect the performance outcome of a match and you will fatigue out faster. It is always important to be more on the ball of your foot than flat footed when playing which will allow you to be able to shift your weight from side to side with greater efficiency. Therefore generate more power with each stroke.

Running side to side and back and forth during a match or when practicing can be very stressful on the players feet. This type of motion will brake down your tennis shoes over time because of the accumulation and repetitiveness of these movements and over time can lead to many types’ foot problems. Some of the more common types of foot problems / injuries that can occur while playing tennis are plantar fasciitis, heel pain, heel spur development, arch cramps, arch fatigue, muscle spasms, burning at the balls of the foot, shin splints and tired legs.

Abnormal foot pronation or collapsing of the arch of the foot is the cause of many of these types of problems. Most of these types of foot injuries are because of muscle imbalances in the foot and lower leg due which can lead to fatigue. In order to hit the ball with pace your feet must be firmly on the ground and supported to be able to transfer the power using both your upper and lower half. Power is generated from the lower half of the body so being planted and stable from the ground up is imperative. Whether your serving, hitting a forehand, backhand or playing the net you want to be at the top of your game.

Instant Arches® arch supports tennis is a product specifically designed for men, women and preteens to create better balance in your feet by supporting the plantar muscles, joints and soft tissue of your feet. They will also help reduce burning on the ball of the foot,arch fatigue and spasm, lower leg muscle fatigue and calf tightness when returning serve or playing a volley. Burning on the ball of the foot occurs because of friction and grinding the ball of the foot into the floor of the shoe when pivoting the foot to return a shot. This arch support will reduce that friction as well as place the ball of the foot on the ground for better lower half stability. They will also strengthen and support the muscles in the arch and prevent abnormal foot pronation.

Male Tennis Player on clay court

Stretching the muscles in the leg and calf before and after a match is also very important. Wearing a soft insole in your shoes will decrease the impact load in your feet when running and jumping for shots. Icing after a match will cool down the muscles in the feet and legs and help prevent potential injuries.

Tennis shoes in general do not provide adequate arch support and will brake down over time. The heel counter and outer sole and arch area of the shoe are the first parts of the shoe to brake down over time.

Instant Arches® arch supports will fit in all shoe styles and brands of men's and women's tennis shoes comfortably such as K-Swiss, Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Asics. Placing them correctly into the arch area of the shoe will insure proper placement and the added support your foot will need to maximize your performance.

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