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Softball Cleats with Instant Arches Baseball Cleats with Instant Arches

We are repeat customers! We found you previously when googling for something to help with my softball player daughter’s plantar fasciitis.

-Coleen S.

This is a reorder. I found these for my daughter who was having issues with plantar fasciitis. She plays softball and I googled something for her cleats. She likes them.The arch supports have been helping when she wears them in her cleats and is ready for a new pair for her new cleats. Thanks,

-Coleen, MD

I searched "arch support for softball spikes" on Google. Your's was one of the top results.


A friend who has a son playing baseball recommended your product. My daughter uses it in her keds sneakers. When we went to see an orthopedic doctor she was very impressed with the product so I am going to send her your brochure when I get the package.


I love Instant Arches! I wear them in every cleat and training shoe I own. In fact, Instant Arches really helped keep my feet comfortable as I batted and caught behind the plate in my team's USSSA 12u National Championship. Thanks Dr. Rosenberg!


I was in baseball for 15 years as an amateur and now 27 years as a professional and have always been a skeptic when it comes to feet because I have what most people would call flat, very flat feet. I've never been able to buy shoes with arches because of the pain and uncomfortable feeling that I get with most shoes. After putting your Instant Arches in my shoes I not only notice that my feet feel much better with an arch, but I also notice that my head, that used to drupe, is now taller on my shoulders and my body now feels much better after a day of coaching and playing with the kids. But this is just me with my story.

I also give lessons to all ages and all abilities of kids in baseball and softball and I am seeing a dramatic change in most all of the pitchers that I instruct not only with an increase in their fastball but also with better, tighter breaking balls.

I must also say that I gave a pair to a Class A shortstop in the minor leagues California Angeles organization. After day one he called me to tell me that he wants another pair for his second pair of cleats because he instantly felt more balanced not only while he was hitting but when he was fielding ground balls.

Dr. Rosenberg, I will be telling everyone I know in sports about your Instant Arches and I'm sure your sales will be booming soon.

Kip Gross
(Former major league pitcher)

We use our LEGS to create arm speed. In 29 years of training pitchers,I have been offered hundreds of products, to help pitchers improve. None have worked, at least not for my kids. Dr. Rosenberg has a product, you put in the arch of your shoes. Told me it would help the kids balance. I have an 18 year old that just keeps collapsing his back leg, very sound, moves great, horrible back leg. 5 pitches, after putting Dr. Rosenbergs arch support product in his shoe, 50% improvement of his back leg! By the end of our lesson, he was moving down line as smooth as I have ever seen him! And for those of you who like velocity ( for me its the 4th most important thing a pitcher has ), he went from 86 mph to 93, with 12 of 20 pitches over 90! Dr. Rosenberg, I can't thank you enough for your product. I currently have 83 students ages 8 - 32, and I will be ordering a set for ALL of them. I only had 6 sets and those kids have shown marked improvement, as well. I don't teach hitting or fielding. All I do is train pitchers. 6 days a week, 8-14 hours a day. If you don't video tape you are just guessing. For you skeptics, that is how I evaluate my kids and products. Video tape. That is how I KNOW the arch support product works - the tape does not lie.

Coach Billy Ayres (3 Up 3 Down Pitching)

I have been wearing the Instant Arches in my shoes and have felt really good up to this point. Our local Little League is getting started up soon and I will be sure to recommend these to all the parents as something to help with their son's cleats.

Brian (former MLB pitcher; San Diego Padres)

I've been using the Instant Arches in my running shoes and my baseball cleats for about three weeks now. They have helped me stay more balanced and I have been tripping less. Because I have size 13 feet and they are flat I have struggled with my balance and your arches have really helped correct that. I want to thank you, Dr. Rosenberg for showing me the Instant Arches and helping me be a better athlete.

A. Ruiz, Age 14

"Dr. Rosenberg's products serve as vital piece of equipment for any baseball player or coach because they help the athlete remain in a constant state of balance. The support from the arches allow the feet to feel poised and relaxed, simultaneously. It's a simple product that offers much reward!" "Those who tried the product, asked for a more, so that they could feel the same support in there casual shoes."

BC hitting coach

"While working for a collegiate league with some of the top college players in the country this summer, I had a chance to introduce some of the pitchers to the arches. They immediately found a difference with their balance on the mound. One of the pitchers had a problem with his foot moving back and forth while trying to hit his balance point. When we put the arches in his shoes his foot became stable and he felt a lot more comfortable on the mound, which lead to more consistent and repeatable mechanics."

Ethan Katz, varsity pitching coach and former professional player

"My arch supports feel great, they have made a huge difference for me. I really appreciate your help."


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