Anyone that is active can injure themselves during that activity, whether you're a runner, tennis or racquetball player, walker, hiker, dancer, sports enthusiast or anyone on the go. Injuries can be classified into two types, acute and chronic. Acute injuries are the initially "ouch"—sudden (i.e., muscle pull, ankle sprain) and sharp with rapid onset and/or traumatically induced—that occurs immediately and causes pain, swelling and inflammation. When acute injuries are not treated quickly they can become chronic. These injuries usually occur due to overuse. TOO much Too soon TOO quickly!

The mechanism of the injury is usually bio mechanical and originates in the lower half of your body, hips, legs and feet. When the foot hits the ground everything changes and your body has to learn to compensate. The compensation will occur in your feet to counter balance any structural defect or stress your body encounters from the impact of the activity your performing. So it is vitally important to make sure you have the proper support in your shoes to help balance you out and eliminate the compensation. Instant Arches for sports can help reduce these problems that may occur in your feet, knees and hips


Chronic injuries usually develop because the acute injury is not properly treated and resolved. They develop slowly over a prolonged period of time, denial sets in and wishing, waiting and hoping for the injury to get better overpowers your desire to get the problem treated. So, never wish or wait for your injury to get better. Become proactive and treat the acute injury therefore eliminating the chronic problem. Again these problems are due to poor bio mechanics in your feet that result in causing knee, hip and sometimes low back problems. Having the proper arch support in your athletic shoes will be the first line of prevention.

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