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Dr. Steven Rosenberg - About Instant Arches

Instant Arches® is a shoe product for all seasons: Winter,Spring, Summer or Fall! They are the leader in providing arch support for closed and open fashion footwear including boots, casual, athletic, flip-flops and sandals. Our products allow “women to wear the shoes they love to wear in comfort, pain free. Instant Arches ® for Sports and Instant Arches® for Sandals are our newest products.

I designed these arch products because my patients needed solutions to solve their foot problems when wearing their favorite footwear. I understand that our feet need support and shoes do not always provide the best arch support. My patients were looking for something that could fit in their shoes and did not change their shoe size. They had tried other types of orthotics but those products were to hard, big or just very uncomfortable. They wanted better arch support, pain relief, and ones that do not change their shoe size! So Instant Arches ® were born!

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Our Products

Instant Arches® have saved millions of women's feet from hurting over the years when wearing their favorite footwear by giving CPR to their shoes. Providing maximum support and comfort!

"Wear the Shoes You Love to Wear Pain Free"

Instant arches foot supports relieve foot pain

Instant Arches®

Instant arches® comfort collection is the leader in providing arch support for boots, closed heals, casual shoes, flat shoes, open toe heels, backless heels, stilletos, wedding shoes, wedges, casual boots, and winter boots. One size fits all shoe sizes and are available in three different colors.

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Instant arches foot supports relieve foot pain

Instant Arches® for Sandals

Instant Arches® for Sandals make every step instantly more comfortable. Designed strictly for sandals and flip flops they convert every pair of dress, casual and flip flops into a new and wonderful walking experience and turn your flip flops into flip flops with arch support.

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Instant arches sports packaging

Instant Arches® for Sports

Instant Arches® Sports are a specifically designed arch support for athletic footwear. This includes athletic footwear for tennis, running, track, golf, football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, dancing and gym rats. They can also fit in men's casual and dress shoes.

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"Instant Arches its my second order. I ordered like 5 month ago and the arches solved my problems/ no pains while i am walking/ thank you very much! For years I've been wearing insoles because of my high arch and it did not stop my pains. On the contrary' it increased my feet pains. Your arches helped so much!"

- K. Sigal, Israel

"I love your arches!!! Absolutely flat feet and was miserable in the most expensive shoes. The lift your arches provide that fit into any shoe dressy or sneaker is amazing!!!"

- Laura A

"I am a huge fan of Instant Arches®! I have purchased them for ballet flats, sandals, etc., and they always work beautifully. Comparing Instant Arches® to the gel arches in the grocery store is like comparing apples to oranges. Instant Arches® stay in place (even if the shoe gets wet) and offer the perfect amount of support to keep my feet happy. The foam cushion also feels much better than the gel. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs extra arch support!"

- Melissa L.

"Instant arches are such a pain reliever for me that no praise is too high. Keep up your good work!"

- Joan W.

"I have ordered 12 pairs of instant arches. I have found this product fabulous for wearing all footwear without the need for my orthotic inserts."

- A. Hill

"Hello,I would like all four pairs for dancing shoes, which have a 5cm heel and are quite open. Many thanks, I was looking for you on the web because I previously ordered one pair, I have found this pair to be excellent.

Over the past year and they have enabled me to dance without pain. I wanted more for my new dance shoes. I have tried many orthotic devices over 13 years and your product is the only one that enables me to dance pain free. Thank you."

- B. Patrick, United Kingdom

"I googled orthotics for sandals. We are coming into our Australian summer shortly. I started wearing orthotics this past winter and they helped my sore feet greatly but of course these can’t be worn with sandals. Now that it’s warming up I’ve started wearing my sandals and found I have a very sore heal when waking up in the morning. Wearing enclosed shoes over our long hot summer is not an option for me. So I’m really pleased to have found your product. It’s a brilliant idea and I don’t know why we don’t have this in Australia."

- With kind wishes, Fran

"Instant Arches have been a life saver for me. I love sexy shoes, however, at age 62, they were getting difficult to manage if I was standing or walking for an extended period of time. Now I can wear ALL my shoes and have no pain. I also use them in my sandals! I would reccomend a pair for every shoe in your closet. And extras for all the new shoes you will buy because of Instant Arches."

- Linda

"They just arrived. 😃 These products are a life saver. Thanks so much for making them."

- Ruby

"I had a consult with Dr. Rosenberg around 4 or 5 years ago for a bunion and have been using the instant arches ever since. I tell all of my friends about them. Fabulous product! Thanks,"

- Margaret
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