Arch Support Insoles Make a Big Difference In Shoe Comfort!

Dr. Steven Rosenberg - Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Arch support insoles or as we say arch supports that can be attached to the insole of your shoe regardless of style to provide your foot with the extra support it needs for you to walk comfortably can make a huge difference. Most women’s shoes that are sold today are made to appeal to women who are looking for a fashion statement first and a comfort statement second. They are designed to attract women who are looking for cute, hot, sexy and not necessarily comfort or support. Women usually get an emotional hit when at a shoe store looking to buy shoes. It is either the right color, design or style that will attract them to that particular shoe. The last thing on there mind is will it be comfortable unless they are particularly looking for a walking, athletic or flat shoe. Even when shopping for sandals or flip flops the shoes have to be cute, pretty, sexy hot or something that gets their attention. Applying arch support insoles to the insole of your shoe is the first step in making that shoe more comfortable, supportive and wearable for longer periods of time. The arch support insole placed in the right spot in your shoe will prevent the arch of your foot from collapsing, help eliminate ball of the foot pain and joint pain.

Patients that come to my office complaining about pain in their feet when walking in shoes are ones who would benefit the most from an arch support insole in their shoes. I always discuss with my patients that the best arch supports are ones that are worn and not placed in a dresser drawer in their shoe closet. They should not take up a lot of room in their shoes and make the shoes too tight. Finding the right arch product that will give you pain relief, comfort and support is challenging at times but they will make a difference once you find the right ones.

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