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Foot Products Enterprises, Inc.


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Love the instant arches!! The minute Dr. Rosenberg fit the Instant Arches in my shoes, and I put them on, my feet felt wonderful. I now have them in all of my shoes – even the heels – and I won’t ever want to walk without them again. Thanks for creating such a great asset to my health.

- Nona G.

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All Products Are Manufactured in the USA

Foot Products Enterprises, Inc., was formed to design innovative foot products to solve today’s foot care needs. My company is dedicated to helping men, women and pre - teens find better comfort, support and pain relief when wearing shoes, sandals, flip flops and athletic shoes. I have been practicing, lecturing and designing foot products for over 28 years in Santa Monica, California. I am the founder and President/CEO of Foot Products Enterprises, Inc.

Dr. Steven Rosenberg's Instant Arches® were designed because my patients were looking for something extra that could fit in their shoes and give them support, comfort and pain relief. They had orthotics but they were too hard, big or just plain uncomfortable and painful. Instant Arches® are the perfect shoe accessory that will make all your shoes fit better.

We now have expanded our line of instant arch support products and manufacture arches for athletic shoes and flip flops. Instant Arches® Baseball and Softball is our newest addition to our line of supportive shoe products. These can also be placed in any men's or women's athletic shoe for better support and control. Instant Arches® for Sandals and Flip Flops is the only product of its kind to support any style flip flop or sandal. They provide instant support and put a spring in your step.

Dr. Rosenberg's Instant Arches®, tried and tested for over 28 years, will fit in almost all types of women’s shoes: dress, loafers, high heels, boots, athletic, casuals, flip flops and sandals. Instant Arches® are available in black, gray, and tan.

If you are a woman with narrow heels, you may often find that your heels pop out of your shoes when you wear full-length arch supports. Now you can buy an arch support that fits comfortably in your shoes and prevents that problem. Instant Arches® will also stop your foot from sliding forward and take the pressure off the ball of your foot.