"Your Shoes Make The Fashion Statement! Instant Arches Make The Comfort Statement!!"
"Wear the Shoes You Love to Wear Pain Free"

I love your arches!!! Absolutely flat feet and was miserable in the most expensive shoes. The lift your arches provide that fit into any shoe dressy or sneaker is amazing!!!
-Laura A

"I am a huge fan of Instant Arches®! I have purchased them for ballet flats, sandals, etc., and they always work beautifully. Comparing Instant Arches® to the gel arches in the grocery store is like comparing apples to oranges. Instant Arches® stay in place (even if the shoe gets wet) and offer the perfect amount of support to keep my feet happy. The foam cushion also feels much better than the gel. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs extra arch support!"
-Melissa L.

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About Instant Arches®

Dr. Steven Rosenberg - Instant Arches Arch Supports

Instant Arches Foot Products, Inc., are made in the USA and was founded in 2006 by President/CEO, Dr. Steven L. Rosenberg.

Dr. Rosenberg is a podiatrist and entrepreneur in private practice. He has been lecturing / designing innovative arch support products for over 32 years in Santa Monica, CA.

My company is dedicated to providing the best arch support products for men, women and pre - teens footwear. These unique arch supports fit in all fashion, casual and athletic footwear as well as flip flops and sandals.

Our goal is to make all your shoes more comfortable, supportive and completely eliminate foot pain when wearing shoes.

"Instant Arches® arch supports were designed because my patients were looking for something extra that could fit in their shoes and provide them with better arch support, comfort and pain relief. They had orthotics but they were too hard, big or just plain uncomfortable and painful. Instant Arches® are the perfect arch supports for both open and closed shoes as well as for boots, sandals and flip flops. Just peel off the backing and place in all your footwear. One size fits all shoe sizes. They are available in three different colors black, tan and gray. It will make all your shoes fit better, more supportive and allow you to walk happily ever after!"

Instant Arches® arch supports for sandals, flip flops and athletic footwear has a unique patented design and is the only product of its kind to support any style flip flop or sandal. Instant Arches® arch supports for all sports also has a unique patented design for all athletic footwear. They provide instant arch support, comfort and provide better balance when playing sports.

Instant Arches® will allow all women to wear their favorite fashion footwear they love to wear in comfort and pain free! They no longer will have to worry about how bad their feet may hurt after an evening out on the town! Party and Dance pain free. Your feet will thank you forever.....!

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Instant Arches® Sports

Men, women, and pre-teens

“Better Balance Equals Maximum Performance®

Instant Arches® Sports is our newest addition to our line of supportive shoe products. These can be placed in both men's or women's athletic footwear for better support, balance and allow you to generate more power in your lower half which will give you an competitive edge in whatever sport you participate in".

This includes athletic footwear for tennis, running, track, golf, football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, dancing and gym rats. They can also fit in men's casual and dress shoes.

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The quicker your feet move the greater chance you have for achieving success. Agility, movement, speed is all about your feet being biomechanically balanced. While quick and stable feet create positive outcomes, a foot that is unstable wobbles from side to side does not! The plantar muscles in the foot fatigue because of continual repetitive activity of the arch collapsing during movement and become vulnerable to injury.

A major reason why athlete’s feet are not stable is because they are not properly balanced. This is because of abnormal pronation and can be defined as instability of the joints in the middle of the foot (the mid-tarsal and subtalar joints) creating a loose bag of bones.

"Regardless of what sport you are playing; baseball, softball, football, tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball or you are a runner or dancer performer. If the joints in your feet are not stable and supported achieving maximum success can be challenging. Being unbalanced can affect your game or performance ; as a dancer, standing on the golf course getting ready to hit a putt or teeing off, serving in tennis, shooting a foul shot, in the batter’s box or on the mound getting ready to pitch."

"I love Instant Arches! I wear them in every cleat and training shoe I own. In fact, Instant Arches really helped keep my feet comfortable as I batted and caught behind the plate in my team's USSSA 12u National Championship. Thanks Dr. Rosenberg!" -Amanda

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